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The Cottam Cold Storage was opened July 1, 1954, the same year as the Dairy Freeze in North Ridge. My husband, John's parents ran 2 shops at at time, his father ran the Stop and Shop in Windsor and his mother ran the Cottam Cold Storage in cottam. The shop has changed with the times. In the beginning the family ran 2 shifts daily cutting up to 8-10 cattle each day and the kids (my husband John and his sister would do clean up at 10 in the evening). There was up to 300 wooden lockers in the freezer customers paid about $10 yearly to store their meat. As homefreezers became popular the lockers slowly were taken out.
Now the business is no cutting of hanging beef, but you can come in and we will cut you any steak, and roast, grind fresh meat right in front of you.

We are especially know for our Sausages  that are made right at the shop, kabossa , October fest, honey garlic, Italian smokies. We are a small old shop nothing fancy, and pride our self on customer service.

BBQ  season is upon us come on in we have the best home made patties for the Q, they sell out daily.

Michelle Ivanisko Owner

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