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The challenges of growing up feeling unlovable and not good enough inspired Rosemary’s lifetime fascination with personal development. She was fortunate to be mentored by some of the most renowned new thought leaders. Always in search of what would heal those early wounds and help her be happy, Rosemary went on spiritual pilgrimages to places like Egypt, the Holy Land and Sedona.

 She specializes in helping clients dig deep into their core and eliminate the painful limiting beliefs that are blocking them from achieving what they desire.

 “What you believe about yourself and the world, as well as how you feel about yourself, will direct the actions you take and the success you will create or not create. Your inner world determines your outer results, all the time.

 When you change your core paradigm to one that fully empowers you, you will create the life you’ve always really wanted.

 Rosemary is an internationally recognized, intuitive Soul Purpose Mentor, author, speaker and certified transformational coach. In her previous career, Rosemary was a professor of Early Childhood Education at St. Clair College for over 31 years.

 Rosemary’s recent book, Conversations with Local Business Mavericks achieved Amazon Best Seller status. 


Dinner Meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Best Western Plus Hotel and Convention Centre,

566 Bevel Line Rd. Leamington, ON 

Rosemary Heenan in the Spotlight

Rosemary Heenan 

#1 Bestselling Author in the Business Field
Soul Purpose Success Mentor

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