Dinner Meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Best Western Plus Hotel and Convention Centre,

566 Bevel Line Rd. Leamington, ON 

Link hope your take away of the evening will be utilizing the techniques of releasing stress, and that your eyes are open to the processes that will create peace and purpose when juggling daily demands.

Rosemary Heenan, Heart Math Quick Coherence Technique will calm you heart and help you focus and relax, learn to become more resilient and impact others around you. 

Frances Soda, the Rapid Results Expert, integrates cutting edge mind-body-spirit strategies to help smart women find the confidence to have financial security. 

Joanne Muegge is passionate in helping women regain peace, power and organized productivity through On-Purpose Leadership.

Link has created a different kind of Hands on Meeting

Link is offering  a 15 - 20 minute tease

Find out what is blocking your potential by interacting intimately with our 5 experts. Link is offering you a tease, 15 -20 minute session with a specialist of your choice, rotating 3 times to a different discipline.

Integrated Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra with Devanni Peters. Devanni will demonstrate how to release energy blocks from your body and mind and experience joy in a sleep based meditation.

Joanne Nagel, an Access Bars Practitioner will introduce you to a process that allows your body to receive the changes you are choosing with ease. 

Five universal specialists that have customized a greater awareness of helping others reach their life purpose.